Cheque Writer


- Built-in 15 different currency codes
- Inputing by the key board to rapidity and accuracy
- LCD display for clearness without mistakes
- Clear embossed figures and special ink impossible to alert or falsify
- Number of checks issued and total amount can be on memory and display
- Same amount can be printed out repeatedly
- Position for typing on the check can be adjust
-"backspace" key for correcting incorrectly entered figures
- Can be used as calculator and the outcome of calculation can be printed out immediately
- Memory store and password function
- Different check mode and currency selecting by the keyboard
- 14 digits LCD display for clearness and accuracy

TIMI Cheque Writer Machine EC-110

  • Deep Embossing Print
  • Calculator Function
  • No. of Digits: 15 digits
  • Accumulate Total Cheque
  • Accumulate Total Amount Printed
  • Dimension (mm): 118mm x 114mm x 245mm
  • Weight (Kg): 1.8 Kgs

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  • Name                   : MAX Electronic Check Writer EC-30A
  • No. of input digit : Up to 10 digits
  • No. of print characters : Up to 12 digits (10 figure & 2 currency marks)
  • Inking                   : Ink Roll method R-50
  • Functions            : Printing, Repeat printing, Full input, Correction by Clear Key
  • Printing depth    : Up to 48mm
  • Dimensions       : 110mm x 230mm x 95mm
  • Weight                 : 1.3kg
  • Power consumption : 25W (Max)
  • Power source    : AC 110/120/220/240V (50/60hHz)

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PAYMASTER Cheque Writer Machine 9000-9


Two-key security system to prevent unauthorized use

Deeply serrated Paymaster® typeface to discourage and prevent alteration

Capable of imprinting multiple-copy cheques

Flexible enough to accommodate both business and personal cheques

Large verification window

Durable frame construction accommodates a wide variety of multiple copy negotiable documents

Type style offers punctuation and conventional dollar and cent demarcation

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  • The Check Writer Software Features:
  • Fit The Current Standardized Cheque Format
  • Auto Date or Select From Calender
  • Convert Number Of Words ( English or Malay )
  • When Amount Is Entered,The Words Are Automatically Filled In All Previous Issued Cheques Can Be Viewed
  • Keep A Record Of Cheque Issued With Reports
  • View Reports Issued By Banks,Payees or Dates


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